To Killl a Mocking Bird Essay

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I think the book To Kill A Mocking bird was a good book in the ending. A lot of days I would walk in class and go to sleep because the book was a bit dull in its 1st part beginnings. But once the book got to about the end of the 1st part beginning of the 2nd part of the book started getting more than interesting. I think the book started to get interesting towards the beginning of the 2nd part because this is when Tom Robinson came about. Tom Robinson was a hard working African American male living in a very racist unfair town. This was where it got interesting here because Tom was charged with a crime that he didn’t commit and went to court. Also the 2nd part was interesting because this is when a lot of action took place. Another event was the killing of Tom and the killing of Bob Ewell. Some things that I didn’t like about this book was how they made me wait till the 2nd part of the book to get interested. Also I didn’t like how the book ended I feel like the book just kind of came to an abrupt stop. I think they should make a 2nd part to the book or either put out an extended version of the book. But overall on a scale from 1-10 I give this book a 7.5 , because the 2nd part kind of made up for all the boringness in the 1st part of the book

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