To kill or not to kill

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To Kill or Not to Kill There is a great debate about the purpose and need for guns in our society. Some believe that guns help to protect, and others believe guns are used only for hunting. However, guns are also used as a weapon. Guns are too often used to kill people, rather than to help protect or for survival, or for hunting. As stated in Molly Ivins essay, “Get a Knife, Get a Dog, but Get Rid of Guns, she points out that, “any fool can pick up a gun and kill with it.” Whether you are a child, teenager, or grown adult you can easily use a gun to kill. Needless to say whether you are cleaning your gun, left your gun out, or simply walking down the street; guns can kill at any time. Even policeman, who are well trained, can have accidents while cleaning their guns. A Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Deputy was cleaning his gun, thought it was unloaded, and almost shot his daughter while she was doing the dishes. A bullet was chambered and he didn’t realize it! At a Cy Fair High School in the spring of 2009, a supposed unloaded gun when off when a student was showing a friend and they shot a toilet. These examples show that no matter how well trained you are, guns are still dangerous and can kill. Ivins also states in the essay that “It is a crowded, overwhelmingly urban country in which letting people have access to guns is a continuing disaster.” From businesses to private homes, people seem to think they need a gun to feel safe. Even though there are other forms of protection such as alarm systems and guard dogs, people still want guns. Families that own a gun may accidentally leave them out for kids to get a hold of and misuse. Most states require them to be kept locked up so children can not get a hold of them. When families have guns that kids can easily get a hold of, this can cause big issues within school systems. Instances of this are:

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