To Kill A Mockingbird Today Essay

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11/9/14 To Kill a Mockingbird Still today we can relate To kill a Mockingbird to current events. This novel holds up a minor to society and teaches valuable life-lessons about prejudice, injustice, and moral courage. Harper Lee does a great job in showing this to us through-out the novel. He provides many examples and events that still connect to today. Prejudice is one thing in the world that may never stop. Prejudice is a state violence against black people which takes a big role in this novel. Harper Lee puts in a lot of events that deal with prejudice. This town of Maycomb suffers a lot with racism. The whites don't like colored people, and in return the colored don't like the whites. In the novel Calpurnia decides to take the children, Scout and Jem to her church, a “colored” church. Lula, criticizes Calpurnia for bringing white children to the church. We can take this to the past, Emmit Till and Trayvon Martin both of these boys death was caused because of racism, and other parts of prejudice. This novel shows how injustice is not only perpetuated by individual people, but a whole system that needs to change because despite the honorable work of people like…show more content…
evil assumption--that all Negroes lie, that all Negroes are basically immoral beings...and that Tom's skin color should not matter in a courtroom where “ 'all men are created equal.’ This is connected to having moral courage. Today people still remember those who have made a difference in society. For example: Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy believed all human beings are created equal and have a right to proclaim a right to be. I am inspired with hope. Though we also have a responsibility to preserve, to remind and to continue the support of the virtue of moral courage for our generation and generations to come. When the opportunity arises, I hope you will dig deep in your soul and find your courage to stand up for what is right. It is an important
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