To Kill a Mockingbird Reflection Questions Chapters 1-17 Essay

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To Kill a Mockingbird Reflection Questions Chapters 1-17 By Nathan Marineau Mrs. Howe ENG2D 1. Chapter One: 1. Relating the Finch family history to the outset of the novel explains to the readers what the Finch family once was. Harper Lee may also have used it as a foreshadowing technique. For example, they mention that they once were slave drivers, and made a successful business out of slavery. This may relate to something later on. 2. An example of a sense of mystery in the first chapter is how much detail they go into the ongoing mystery of Boo Radley. It makes it inevitable that Boo will be making further appearances. 3. The method of narration is first person, through the perspective of an adult, who is looking back on her childhood. This book is fiction, however. It could be described as a fiction-autobiography. 4. Some details that establish the setting of To Kill a Mockingbird include: -The depression era, with little money and therefore giving off a dirty kind of feel. -The deep south of 1930’s, in which allows the reader to picture the stereotypical surroundings. -the town of Maycomb, in which is run down and very small. 5. Some prevalent attitudes include the bad economy, in which is prevalent towards the lack of money that the Finch’s have. Another, the deep south, and its attitudes towards certain events. 6. Dill has had a hard family life, as has the Finch children. For Dill, his father ran off (as I intemperate, it was never fully explained in chapter one) when he was a young age. For the finch’s, their mother died when they were at a young age. In a way, both the Finches and Dill have experienced a major loss in their life. Chapter 2: 1. Some satirical points that are made about the education system though scout include: -Scout mocks it, explaining her opinion on it, and sounding very dry about it. -the fact that the teacher

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