To Kill A Mockingbird Essays: The Scottsboro Trial

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The Scottsboro Boys On the night of March 25, 1931, a deputy sheriff in Paint Creek Alabama stopped a freight train travelling from Chattanooga, Tennessee. They arrested nine black men ranging in age from 12 to 20 on the train. They also found two young white women, Victoria Price and Ruby Bates, dressed in men’s’ overalls. Price claimed she was raped by six of the young men, while Bates claimed she was raped by the other three. All of the nine men were arrested and taken to the Jackson County jail in Scottsboro, Alabama. That night, a mob gathered outside the jail. But the Governor sent the National Guard in to protect the young men, who would become known as the Scottsboro Boys. A crowd of ten thousand men came to…show more content…
This was January 6, 1936. Even with the addition of blacks to the jury, all men were found guilty – again! This is what happened to the nine Scottsboro Boys after the trials: ❑ Four of the boys were set free. They were: Eugene Williams, Olen Montgomery, Willie Robertson and Ray Wright. ❑ Haywood Patterson was given 75 years in prison. In 1948, he escaped and was caught in 1950, but the state of Michigan wouldn’t extradite him to Alabama. ❑ Charlie Weems received 75 years and Andy Wright got 99 years. ❑ Ozzie Powell stabbed a deputy and was shot in the head. He survived, but was given 20 years for the stabbing. ❑ Finally, Clarence Norris was sentenced to death, but the sentence was revoked. Norris violated his parole in 1946 and fled to Brooklyn, New York where he stayed until 1976, when he came back to Alabama and received a pardon. What I want to know is why one boy can be set free and another can receive a death sentence for the same alleged crime. If they were white men, they would never have been accused for this crime. This story comes to show how unjust and corrupt the American legal system was and still

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