Jem And Scout Compare And Contrast Essay

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To Kill A mockingbird essay Topic: With reference to Chapters 1-7, compare and contrast Scout and Jem Siblings can be different despite having been brought up in the same way. Jem and Scout are a perfect example of this. Despite having Atticus as a leader and a guide, both of them are quite different in their own ways. Being a sibling myself, I believe that siblings can be genuinely different despite facing practically identical surroundings. Mental interpretation of events that occur around siblings plays a part in widening the gap between their personalities. Scout and Jem, though similar upon first sight, display their differences as the story progresses. One obvious instance that shows how different Jem and Scout are is clearly displayed when Jem invites Walter over to their house. When Scout was punishing Walter Cunningham for making her “start off on the wrong foot” with Miss Caroline, Jem passed by and made her let Walter go, also making her stop trying to chase him away. He also extended an invitation of dinner to him, knowing how much it would mean…show more content…
During school time, Scout is told off by Miss Caroline, and becomes very concerned by Miss Caroline telling her to stop learning to read from her father. This matter obsesses her and she mulls over it endlessly, even going as far as to form a “new grudge against Calpurnia”, who had taught her how to read. Jem is the more secure of the two, perhaps because he is older and therefore more mature. He does not seem to exhibit any fear of the changes brought about by the new school year. Past experience has perhaps taught him that his relationship with his father is secure. In contrast, Scout is concerned about losing her close relationship with Atticus, as is demonstrated by her reluctance to continue going to school since her teacher has instructed her to tell her father "not to teach her

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