To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 1-10 Analysis

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Notes from the movie • Old-school black-and-white in the beginning of the film with upbeat, then dreamy music. • Foreshadowing with scrolling, stormy thunderstorm clouds during opening credits. • Having seen most of the film numerous times before but never the ending(as I recall), it was easy to tell that Hunk must be the Scarecrow, Uncle Henry is the Lion, and Elmyra Gulch is the wicked witch of the east. Aunt Em must be the good witch of the North. • Dorothy seems rejected by her family in the beginning of the film, like they don’t have time or don’t want to talk to her. “Somewhere over the rainbow” always gets stuck in my head for days after hearing it. • The movie switches to color whenever Dorothy lands in Munchkinvilletownland. • By the…show more content…
• Speaking of trouble, the book is way different to the movie, there is more action and description. I like the book better thus far. • The wicked witch of the west didn’t cast the spell on the sleeping poppies in the book like she did in the film. • The lion was pulled out of the poopies(ha) by a bunch of mice in the book but was able to make it all the way through in book (I think?). • I like how the book isn’t so musical like the film, there are more dangers along the yellow brick road, the journey seems longer because there are days and nights. I like it. • In the film, Dorothy and company were together when they confronted the Oz, but in the book they were told to each come individually. The setting for the scene was pretty much the same in both. • Oz said kill the witch in the book, but said bring back her broomstick in the movie. Maybe they mean the same

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