To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

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Sheldon Mc Duling English Literature Explore Atticus as a man of Integrity: Atticus shows integrity by sticking to his strong principals and his morals. Miss Maudie said, “Atticus is the same on the street as he is in the courtroom.” This means that his moral principals stay the same at home, on the street and in the court. He teaches Jem and Scout the same morals he lives by, to them. He treats his children with the same respect as he would respect anyone else in Maycomb. He uses a highly intellectual vocabulary when he speaks to Scout, so that he does not make her feel inferior and childish, even when she doesn’t understand at times. Atticus is trying to show Jem the ways of being a gentlemen, by leading by example. Atticus never told Jem or Scout about his glory days and victories that he had. This shows he is not boastful or proud and Jem can see this when he and Scout spoke about One-shot Finch being their father, as he threw the rock he called out, “he’s a gentleman, just like me!” this shows that Jem really does look up to Atticus. He always offers Jem the best possible advice he could give him and explains to him that he must ignore the public’s remarks. “Just hold your head up high and be a gentleman.” One of Atticus’ qualities is he is very brave, and fights for the truth and only the truth, even if it means that he looses money or the people of Maycomb’s respect. When Atticus was defending Tom Robinson he knew that Tom was innocent, but he knew the prejudice of the jury, but still pushed on with the trial and he knew that the trial would affect his personal life. Atticus is a man of integrity because of his commendable qualities such as bravery, honesty, kindness, respect, his principals and his morals, and how he leads by example for his children by showing what a

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