To Kill a Mocking Bird Prejudice Theme

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To kill a mockingbirds’ theme was whether people are essentially good or evil. Describing Scout and Jems’ transition from a childhood innocence, in which they think that people are good because they have never seen “evil”, to a more mature perspective, in which they have witnessed “evil” and wrongdoing and must incorporate it into their understanding of the life. They experienced hatred, prejudice, and ignorance. They are both introduced to prejudice at the beginning of the book and throughout. The main example of prejudice in this book is at the trial, when the towns people wrongly convict Tom Robinson, he is convicted purely because he is a black man and his accuser is white. The evidence is so powerfully in his favor, that race is clearly the single defining factor in the jury's decision. Atticus fights against racism, and a few other townspeople are on his side, including Miss Maudie and Judge Taylor. Jem and Scout also believe in racial equality. These few people stand on the “good” side. When Atticus loses the trial, he tries to make his children understand that although he lost, he did help move along the cause of ending racism as evidenced by the jury's lengthy deliberation period. [“There’s something in our world that makes men loose their heads. They couldn’t be far if they tried. In courts , when it’s a white mans word against a black man’s, the white man always wins. They’re ugly, but these are the facts of life ” – Atticus. p.

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