To Kill A Mocking Bird Literary Analysis

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Garrett Tuggle Literary Types 6 August 2014 To Kill a Mockingbird In the book To Kill a Mockingbird, there are many themes. This literary work also teaches lessons about justice, courage, and attitudes towards those who are different. It is very accurate to call this book a “coming of age” novel. In this book there are ideas of racism, and themes of justice. This paper will focus on the lessons of justice, prejudice, and courage. First, justice is probably one of the biggest themes in the novel. In a world where so many people do wrong, some good people still try to do right. One prime example is Mr. Ewell’s death. Everyone knew Mr. Ewell was incorrect when he wrongfully accused Tom Robinson of rape. When Mr. Radley killed Mr. Ewell, it was…show more content…
This paper is about the character that is most admirable in my opinion, Ralph. He was respected because he always had the group’s best interests in mind. He tried to get along with everyone, and he also tried to keep conflict from arising. This paper will highlight some of the qualities Ralph showed throughout the novel. Ralph always had the group’s best interests in mind. Whether they were having tough times or not, he tried to help people. For example, he always tried to reassure all the little kids that they were safe from the beast. He never stopped thinking about the fire because he knew that it would get them saved and he wanted everyone to be safe. He got a little bit overwhelmed but still always looked ahead to being rescued and was hopeful. In doing so, he tried to make sure everyone else was hopeful as well. Along with other qualities, Ralph wanted to get along with everyone. He never wanted to be hated and never wanted to hate anyone. Even when Jack took his group and turned on Ralph, Ralph tried to go and make amends with them. Jack would not have that and that is why Jack was not a venerable person.…show more content…
Every time he saw conflict rising, he tried to stop it. Unfortunately, he could not stop the conflict that arose between himself and Jack. Jack always stirred up conflict. Ralph, being a good leader, tried to calm everyone and get everybody to get along with each other. When Jack and his group split form Ralph’s, Ralph could feel tension and tried to speak with Jack about peace, but it did not work. In conclusion, Ralph was truly an admirable character. He always sought out to do what was right and be a good leader. That was what made him commendable and set him apart from others. He was willing to put down all childishness so they could all be rescued. Ralph always put others first which is why he is

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