To Kill a Mocking Bird Essay

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Madison Johnson To Kill A Mocking Bird Essay Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel To Kill A Mocking Bird take place in the 1930’s in the fictional town Maycomb, Alabama. One American literature’s most memorable young protagonists is Jem Finch, who mature greatly throughout the course of the novel. The character of Atticus, Tom Robinson and Boo Radley help Jem come of age by teaching him valuable lessons. In her novel To Kill A Mocking Bird Harper Lee investigates the idea of respect Atticus is a well-respected lawyer and Father in this book he instill real-life morals in Jem one of them is respect. One day in the novel Jem and Scout was walking past Mrs.Dubose house she was talking to Jem and Scout baldly about Atticus and his case defending a black man. Jem became very angry and destroy her garden with his baton he just bought Atticus hears about the incident and says to Jem “She’s an old lady and she is ill you just hold your head up and be a gentleman and don’t let what ever she says to you son make you mad”(100). Atticus also tells Jem that he believes that Mrs.Dubose is the most courageous woman because she was trying to get off drugs before she died also Atticus makes Jem and Scout read to Mrs.Dubose for the summer. Atticus believe that there is consequences for your action and really wants Jem to grow up to be a gentleman and very respectful like him. Atticus teaches Jem about life and how to be a man. In Maycomb their was one case that was playing a big role in everyone life. It was a major event; It’s a case involving a black man name Tom Robinson being accused of raping a white woman Mayella Ewells. Atticus the Father of Jem Finch is Tom Robinson lawyer. This case took a big toll in Jem life; and made him take a second look in the society he lived in. The town around him was unfair and very

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