To Kill A Mocking Bird Ap Me Rhetorical Analysis

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Pump her nickel bread? William Shakespear once stated, “The love of heaven makes one heavenly.” I suppose the love of earth makes one earthly, and the love of spring makes one springly. Words and phrases like these can be easily misinterpreted in our everyday life, yet we assume they mean what they spell out. Lamar’s article titled, “Does a Finger Fing?” expresses this type of language, and was a very interesting article for me to relate to. Growing up, I quickly acquired the term “little sister,” and not far after that, my brother would put adjectives before that, such as “annoying” or “chubby.” This name calling did not phase me since this was a routine procedure, especially in front of his friends. One afternoon, my brother and…show more content…
My English teacher read a section from the book about Scout Finch’s classroom experiences. Relating to this passage was quite easy for me. I was always jealous that my brother would get to write his name in cursive on his schoolwork, and I had to print mine. My mother taught me how to write in cursive right before I entered kindergarten. The first day of school I had to write my name on a project that I was doing. I thought for sure that when the teacher had seen my name in cursive she would be very impressed with my upper level skills in writing at such a young age. When I handed my paper in she looked down at my cursive writing with a devilish glare. She scolded, “Callie Ann, you are only in kindergarten and we do not write in cursive until first grade! Who taught you this anyways?” I was trembling and under my voice I said, “My mother.” That day after school when my mom was coming to pick me up, the teacher had a conference with her and said that this writing was too advanced for me and I had to print all throughout kindergarten. I could not believe that my teacher was so mad about this incident. She had acted like I punched another classmate in the face, or wrote on the desk with a marker. Her actions were very inappropriate and I can relate to Scout Finch because we were both treated in the same type of
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