To Kill a Mockinbird: Human Nature

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Evolved Views On Human Nature In To Kill A Mockingbird,Harper Lee shows how Jem’s view of human nature change, through different occurrences in the novel, as he grows and sees the world for how it truly is. At this time period in the south, the majority of people partook in judgement and racism and accepted it as everyday nature. In the Finch household, however, they do not completely believe in these views because of Jem and Scout’s father’s fair and open minded attitude, but being young they only know of the ways surrounding them. Two events, however, when an innocent man was convicted and seeing a woman battle an addiction, really changed Jem’s outlook on they way humans behave. Because Jem being older and really experiencing these hurtful occurrences he truly learns real human nature and why people are the way they are. Jem’s father, Atticus, was a successful and fair lawyer who took any case just to help those in need. One case he took was for Tom Robinson, a black, crippled man, accused for harassment on a young white female. Since they lived in a racist time period, there was much judgement put towards Atticus and Jem acts out and is disappointed with the behavior because he knows how much of a good man his father is. Then at the trial things do not go as planned and against all evidence against it, Tom is convicted because,"Atticus had used every tool available to free men to save Tom Robinson, but in the secret courts of men's hearts Atticus had no case..” (Lee 244). This really shows Jem how unfair people are and how they will do whatever to make sure they are not looked at wrongly in other’s eyes. This point in the novel is the main transition in Jem’s life where he realizes how cruel some people can be. Jem’s behavior towards others judgements against his father’s case resulted in him having to read to Mrs. Dubose, an angry, elderly neighbor. Jem
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