To Kill a Mickingbird Essay

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TO KILL THE MOCKINGBIRD BY HARPER LEE Summary of “ To kill the mockingbird” This novel tells the story of Atticus Finch family life , a local lawyer in Maycomb County . Atticus is a widower with two children, Jem Finch ( Jem ) and Jean Louise Finch ( Scout ). The three of them also lived with a maid, a black skin (nigger) named Calpurnia, living in an old settlement on the outskirts of Alabama, United States. The story begins with curiosity Scout and Jem on their mysterious neighbor. All members of this family rarely left the house except the head of the family, Mr . Radley. According to rumor, Boo Radley boys of this family have a mental disorder and banned out of the house. They also tell that curiosity to Dill, their new friend from the Mediterranean that has summer vacation to Maycomb. Rumor from the neighbor add curiosity to the three children to Boo Radley. Like a kids who always develop their fantasy, they imagined the mysterious Boo Radley as the horrible figure. Instead of fear, Scout, Jem, and Dill feel more curious with Boo. They always do something to make Boo come out from his house. The other story is about Mrs Dubose who forced Jem to read fairy tales every afternoon at her home. Jem accused broke of her favorite flower pots . As a punishment Jem must read fairy tales to Mrs. Dubose. Jem and Scout was surprised when Atticus say that Mrs.Dubose is a morphine eater who wants to spend the rest of his life in peace without relying grains of the drug. The next story is the Cunninghams family that never accepted gifts of money from other people, Ewells family that falling apart, and niggers who make a living by working as farm laborers in the cotton plantation of white farmers. The main story is about Scout's father, Atticus is appointed to defend Tom Robinson's trial, the nigger were subjected to the death penalty for allegedly raping a white

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