To His Coy Mistress

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Justine Velez “To his Coy Mistress” To his Coy Mistress written by Andrew Marvell, is based on Marvell’s love and desire for his “coy” or shy “mistress” or lady. In this poem Marvell’s sexual tension is announced as he writes a speech explaining to his lady how time is not forever and they should “seize the day.” He does so using romantic and playful tones while also being persuasive. To his Coy Mistress is written in three stanzas using iambic tetrameter. In addition, the rhyme scheme is consistent (a,a,b,b,c,c). Marvell makes certain choices and decisions to explain what would happen if there were more time as well as questioning what will happen in the future. As the poem progresses, the literal meaning of each stanza shifts as well as the tone. In the opening stanza, the tone is romantic while Marvell is explaining what things would be like if there were more time in the world. He talks about if there were “a hundred years” and “thirty-thousand years.” Marvell’s diction when saying “my vegetable love will grow,” explains how, currently his love is small but if there were more time it would sprout and enlarge itself. The last sentence of this first stanza says, “Nor would I love you at a lower rate.” It is as if Marvell is trying to tell us and his mistress how much love he hold for you before revealing what it is he is expecting and hoping for in return. The second stanza’s tone is more serious and persuasive. This stanza is attempting to make his lady feel guilty and try to get her to lose her virginity. The second sentence states, “Time’s winged chariot hurrying near.” He is emphasizing how time will run out and they must get done what is awaiting them. Here, Marvell also brings out his main argument

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