To Eat or Not to Eat Essay

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To Eat or Not to Eat Crystal Garza Psy/240 Hello I’m Crystal, your counselor for today. I’ll be helping you in providing some answers to questions you might have as well as provide you with information in general that might help you. I’ll go over some topics that relate to the session and then open the floor up to questions you might have. Don’t be shy, I am here to help and so I want you to feel comfortable that we are all here to share experiences and get the information we need. Obesity Okay, well let me start off with some information about the physiological factors that push us to eat or not eat. Satiety, which basically means how satisfied you are with what you’ve eaten. It’s that moment when you feel full to the point where you’re satisfied with the amount you’ve eaten. Sometimes that signal or physiological function doesn’t always function as it should, and we’re all different as well so we can’t expect them to be the same for all of us. Many factors whether chemical, or phsycological can affect the amount a person eats, when they eat, and even what foods we eat the most. Some people will over eat healthy foods, some will eat whatever is available, and that’s usually since most of us are always on the go and it’s so much easier to do a fast food place. Some common misconceptions about weight are that overeating is the sole cause of being overweight, yet genetics and environment can be some points to look at. Genetics can’t be helped, but the environment and habits we have can do something about the way we eat and how often we eat. Some misconceptions are that the feeling of being hungry means we are starving or deprived of nutrients but that is not always the case. Feeling hungry doesn’t mean you are short of energy and in trouble and the feeling of hunger can be caused by glucose level as well as the body’s natural response to eating habits (what

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