To Die Or Not To Die Essay

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Running head: TO DIE OR NOT TO DIE To Die Or Not To Die Rebecca J. Sanders Soc. 120 Professor Donna Falloon March 25th, 2011 To Die Or Not To Die I am going to discuss the topic of physician assisted suicide. First off, what exactly is physician assisted suicide? Sometimes people confuse euthanasia with physician assisted suicide. The difference is in euthanasia the physician actually performs the act of taking the life of his patient. In physician assisted suicide the doctor only provides the means or information necessary for the patient to carry out the deed. This is an ongoing moral discussion. Is this right or wrong to perform such an act? In the following paper I will discuss the pros and cons, the laws concerning this type of suicide, and the moral issues facing those who are for it and against it. As with all other morally concerning issues it comes down to how you as an individual believes and where you stand on such topics. What one person sees as okay to do may not please the next person. As our text tells us this is a form of relativism (Mosser, 2010). I have always believed that murder is wrong in any instance unless it is due to war or it is due to a person defending their own life or that of their family. However, can this be described as murder if the person is deciding of their own free will that they want to end their life? Does allowing someone the freedom to decide when they have suffered long enough a “wrong” in life? After reading on the topic and examining the facts i am sure we will all still be as biased as we were before we started. We all have our own fundamental beliefs and sometimes even research cannot change the way we feel. So, I myself would never be open to taking my own life or assisting another at any point regardless the reason. However, this does not mean that I place fault against any

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