To Buy or Not to Buy Essay

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THE INFLUENCE OF ELECTRONIC WORD OF MOUTH ON CONSUMER PURCHASE INTENTION An empirical study in the electronics industry of Islamabad and Rawalpindi BILAL TARIQ (01-120102-016) CH. JUNAID WASIF (01-120102-017) IQRA SAEED (01-120102-024) MARYAM ESSAM (01-220102-022) Research Mentor: DR. SHAZIA AKHTAR Submitted to: Bahria University, Islamabad Campus Department of Management Sciences Introduction Electronic word-of-mouth is gaining popularity and becoming a more effective source of influence on consumer buying behavior as more users join the web and connect on social media. Electronic word-of-mouth also referred to as “word-of-mouse” is a non-traditional form of word-of-mouth. It is the information that consumers exchange online. It differs from word-of-mouth in this aspect that the information comes from an anonymous source in the form of a text-based format (Wu and Wang, 2011). This includes information by the consumers in respect to their experience with a certain product or service. These consumers form opinions about the brands that they have used or are currently using and share these views and offer suggestions to other consumers via social media. As a result this interaction has a deep influence on the consumers and their purchase intentions. Social media is a group of internet-based applications that expedite media content and information. It includes collaborative projects for e.g. Wikipedia, content communities for e.g. YouTube and social media websites for e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Bebo and MySpace etc., along with technologies which include blogs, vlogs, podcasts, picture sharing, wall-posting, emal, instant messaging, music sharing etc. (Kaplan and Haenlein, 2010). Consumers from all around the globe interact through social media and affect each other’s brand attitudes and choices along with the purchase

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