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Topic (in lower case) Name Course Tutor Institution To Build or Buy The Café will be the first of its kind, a convenience store/internet café. Recognizing that a vital aspect of sales is to provide compelling entertainment content. It will have the normal products of a convenience store with a modern relax feel to it, a blend of a traditional convenience store with a Starbucks feel. The Café’s unique content will showcase the new and exciting entertainment. Offering a relax Café experience, it will attract customers from the neighboring community. In addition, it will offer free Wi-Fi, tables and chairs for a place to eat and surf the net or for students to come in and do homework. The Café will offer a lower prices than other stores in neighboring communities therefore generating revenues from three specific sources: (1) sale of fresh coffee all day with many blends and brews (2) sale of sandwiches, pizza and other fast foods (3) provision of basic goods needed for daily functions at school and the workplace. Whether basic office supplies, personal goods, or other necessary goods, The Café will have ample supply at a low cost to the customer. (Convenience Store Soda Fountain Business Plan, n.d.). The Café will develop and market its own branded products and services. The Café will work as follows: Anyone can come into the Café. However, in order to enjoy the free internet and other services one has to purchase coffee and/or the fast foods sale. I would purchase an existing convenience store in my neighborhood. It is the only store in the city and a few changes can bring in more customers and it will give the customers a better environment in which they can relax and unwind. The building where the convenience store is located is

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