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To Build a Fire: Extra Letter

  • Submitted by: redapple846
  • on May 3, 2013
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Dear Roger,
Another reckless newcomer died in the woods recently. I saw the man in Sulphur Creek and gave advice. You see, it was his first winter, so I explained to him about all of nature’s traps. I remember repeating over and over the most important rule, “No man must travel alone in the Klondike after fifty below.” Unfortunately, he just ignored the warning. All he wanted to know was the directions to his distention. All I can say is that I tried. If only he had heeded my warning!
  His death happened like many others. His companions, waiting for him on the other side, say that the man’s dog came alone during the time they were expecting him. They waited a week for the temperature to rise and then went in search of the body. They found him completely frozen a few meters from a lake. His legs and hands seem to have be in the worst condition. As they looked through his things they didn’t find food or matches. So from the look of things he already ate, and then along the way he fell into the lake and couldn’t build a fire to dry himself. It is horrible; this death could have been avoided.
I feel that the death was the blame of the man only. To say it wasn’t expected would be a lie. If only he had listened and stayed, this could have been avoided. The weather is considered cold by me, so image it being your first winter. Besides that he didn’t take anyone with him after fifty below. From the look of things he could have dressed better too. Unfortunately, there are many like him who ignores my warnings because they have never experienced the Yukon before. We tell the stories of his and many others’ deaths to show travelers how dangerous it really is out there for a newcomer. Hopefully they’ll heed the warning.
Yours Truly,
Anju Wilson

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