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I. Summary of our discussion and news articles. 1.Write a one paragraph summary of our discussion. In our discussion on "To Build a Fire" during class, some of the main points that we discussed were the definition of an instinct and how it relates to the man in "To Build a Fire". We began the discussion by reading over a passage on page 178 and line 69 mentioning the dog's instincts. From there on, we each pointed out our own views on the meaning of instincts. One person brought up a point on the difference between instinct and conscience. We concluded that the conscience was the feeling that tells us the right thing to do and that the instinct is the feeling that tells us what we need to do for survival. From this, someone brought up a good argument arguing if one is born with instincts or that instincts is something that one gains through experience and over time. We then applied this to the instincts of the man from "To Build a Fire". We read over the passage on page 177 starting from lines 28 to 36 that told of the man's carelessness of the dangers in traveling through the Yukon in such a cold temperature. We then raised up a question asking if the man had instincts of the dangers of traveling in the cold ever since birth, or was it something he needed to experience and learn. From this we concluded that the man did have instincts, but he was so caught up in getting to his friends that it distracted him from listening to his instincts. 2.Find a news article from a reliable news source on a political subject (no entertainment news, please). Write a one paragraph summary of the article and then paraphrase one of the article’s paragraphs. Summary: After the Ukrainian government and Barack Obama accused the Russian president Vladimir Putin of sending troops to Ukraine and invading, Putin responded by saying that the Ukrainians are the real bad guys.

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