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Interpreting Traditional Poetry To consider the situation of poetry, I would ask you the question, When do you write a poem? Perhaps it is when someone you love dies. Or, it could be when someone new is born. Maybe it is when someone dumps you, or when you marry someone. In other words, you write a poem when something really important happens, and you think that a higher form of words is called for. Secondly, I would ask you what you are really trying to do when you write a poem. And please allow me to suggest that what you are trying to do is to say this important thing in exactly the right words that express how you feel, and so that whoever reads the poem will know exactly what you meant, and how important it was to you. I would propose that I don’t think that history’s famous poets are really very different.They are people with something important to say, who are trying to say it the best they can, with the hope that you the reader will really understand how they felt and what they went through. It is often stated that a poem means something different to every different reader. But I would like to inquire about that understanding of poetry. Why would someone who is an expert with words (a poet), and who has something really important to say, and who wants to be understood, why would such a person be vague or unspecific about what they mean? Perhaps it is not variable. Perhaps poetry can be considered not as vague but actually as one of the most specific, perhaps the most specific of all forms of writing. A poet takes a lot of time and labour to compose a poem. As the poet Robert Graves puts it: "Must I drive the pen until blood bursts from my nails / And my breath fails, and I shake with fever." Why is he working so hard unless he has a very specific meaning that he wants to capture in the poem? Why go to all that trouble unless you really want to get

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