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The Kinship System of the Iroquois Culture October 10, 2011 The Kinship System of the Iroquois Culture The Iroquois is a Native American tribe of New York. They were referred to as people of the long house, which means that families should live together in a long house. "The Iroquois were involved in many extratribal conflicts". ."(Nowak and Laird, 2010) Women had an equal share of responsibility as men, even though men were warriors and traders; it was all done under the contribution of women as well. Even though men are the warriors and traders, women were the main producer for food. Therefore the descent of the group went through the female line, which is called matrilineages. Such lineages are called matrilineages (or matrilineal descent groups). ."(Nowak and Laird, 2010) Furthermore, this type of descent group lived together under the same roof. But men were living with their in-laws family, which is his wife's family. In order for the entire family with their in-laws to live under the same roof, an enormous amount of space would be required to accommodate such a big family. Therefore, they built and lived in long houses, which included different compartments within the structure so families can still have their own space under and still live under the same roof. "Iroquois lived in longhouses, which were long structures in which nuclear families inhabited compartments within the structure."(Nowak and Laird, 2010) Marriages had a different structure and order as well. One of the rules were people from the family must marry outside their kinship lineage and clan, so marriages must be exogamous. They also determined who can marry who based on how closely related they are, or through potential spouses and in-laws. The Iroquois encourage marriages of cross cousins but not parallel cousins, since parallel cousins are

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