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eTMA 6 This essay will discuss the difference between civil and criminal sanctions and whether or not it is accurate to say that the former is designed to compensate and the latter are designed to punish. The essay will discuss the important features of civil sanctions such as compensating losses, awards of damages, pecuniary and no pecuniary losses; also civil sanctions in child protection for example care orders and supervision orders .It will also discuss Anti-Social Behaviour Orders. Furthermore it will discuss criminal sanctions such as imprisonment, fines and community rehabilitation, and reflect on both sides of the sanctions. It will aim to give reasons for and against such sanctions and why they are relevant in civil and criminal procedures. Civil sanctions otherwise known as remedies and are enforced by courts of law when a legal rule has been broken. Although it has become common for civil case to be settled out of court, there are a number of different civil remedies which are available through the courts which a judge will decide upon. Civil sanctions are put in place to enable to put right what has gone wrong. Compensation for losses through contract and tort is a remedy looking at financially awarding monies to claimants to put right what has gone wrong. When looking at the tort of negligence, the law looks to hold responsible the tortfeasor for the injuries they have caused to the claimant on the moral basis of fault. And to compensate the claimant by the way of damages for the injuries suffered. Tort law only looks to compensate in a personal injury claim from the point which immediately transpired before the wrong doing occurred. The purpose of compensating such losses is quite significant as it aims to put the claimant in somewhat a position that they would be if the tort had not transpired. However it cannot always put right the

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