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Helen Pearce Page 1 27/10/2013 Describe some of the inequalities on City Road I noticed many inequalities on city road. The one that stood out the most to me was the local shop owner, Colin Butwell with is news agents. He describes how long the business has been in his family and how big brand name companies’ like Tesco’s and Spar have affected his business and others around. He tells us that the spar opened 25years ago but didn’t really affect him, but the Tesco’s opening two blocks from him has significant impact on his shop. He also speaks about not many children buying toys from his shop, as they don’t play with the toys that he used to play with as a child. Secondly, I think that Janet Symmons and her shop Xquisite Africa stand out a lot in the case of inequalities. I say this because she caters to a specific market, Africans. Africans who live on or around City Road. She has made it easier for them to get things that they usually would have to travel miles to bigger cities to get. She is helping people around her by having the shop there, there are not many shops that sell the foods and products she is, not even Tesco’s can get or sell these things. She says “I have held on to my African side………….. I have to do the changing to fit in; I didn’t expect anybody to change for me”. Basically she felt like she had to change to fit in, but in the end she realized she can be herself. She has helped others by opening her shop; she is showing them they don’t have to change themselves in a way to by opening the shop she has. Further more, the other inequalities on City Road, such as Mr Suarez and his café Taste Buds Café. His café is like a community centre. It is a friendly place where people can come in sit down, eat and drink but still interact with others. Customers feel secure inside the café, they think it’s economical. They go there to talk or even

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