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How different people tend to descibe themselves This research paper aims to research further into the self-descriptions of two participants relating to the findings of Morris Rosenberg (1979). Rosenberg stated that younger children generally describe themselves in physical conditions, i.e. activity and characteristics, whereas older children and adults more often use character traits and relationship references. Two participants were interviewed using a semi-structured style and the information collected was then divided into four categories cited by Rosenberg, which are; physical, character, relationships and inner. The information from the two participants was then compared to the findings of Rosenberg. Then self-evaluation, self and others, ideal self and locus of self-knowledge was also discussed, as Rosenberg said that these also change as we get older. My findings do ascent with Rosenberg’s results that as we get older we do not use physical descriptions as much, and my findings also agree that there does seem to be a shift from locus of self-knowledge from parents to the self with age. ED209 TMA04 PRACTICAL ASSIGNMENT JENNIFER MASON A9448083 INTRODUCTION This study researches into the self-descriptions of two people relating to the findings this covered by Morris Rosenberg (1979), who worked off the results from Bannister and Agnew (1977). They originally noted that “children gradually become better able to distinguish themselves psychologically from others as they get older and also become more capable of thinking about themselves in different ways”. (1) Rosenberg expands on this by advocating that young children depict themselves in terms of physicality, activities and behaviour, whilst older children and adults use character and relationships more psychologically. Rosenberg interviewed a sample of 8 to 18 year olds randomly from 25 schools. He

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