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TMA04 Self concept interview of two girls age 8 and 16 1 Self concept interviews of two girls age 8 and 16 Abstract This is a study explores the hypothesis that children's self descriptions become less the object self and more the abstract self as they develop. It is a partial replication of the study carried out by Rosenbergdate?. Participants were girls eight and sixteen years of age. Audio recording equipment was used to record face to face interviews on written “I” statement responses to question “Who am I?” Responses were coded using Rosenberg's self description categories of physical, character, relationships and inner self. The produced results show that the eight year old self descriptions are mainly physical and sixteen year old are spread across all the categories thus supporting Rosenberg’s claim. Introduction Development of a sense of self (i.e. identity) is not accomplished quickly, and changes during the childhood. In general the level of complexity between descriptions given by younger children and older children are different. Younger children's descriptions are focused more on things that other people are able to observe (i.e. external characteristics, everyday activities that make up the routine), whereas older children are more focused on internal characteristics. Rosenberg's study (1979) explored aspects of categorical self. Results from interviews were sorted for patterns in the kinds of reply given by particular age group which could suggest a developmental progression in children's sense of self. He found that the replies could be categorised into a series of broad groups of self-descriptions. Harter (1983) also studied different age children talking about themselves. She outlined a developmental sequences in which

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