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B120 An Introduction to Business Studies TMA01 By Roy Burnham PI C3785761 Part I – Report on Lodge Bistro (a) Identifying the problem My chosen session is 4.0 Business Cultures. Culture is a business metaphor that is used to provide insight into a business. The Lodge Bistro is experiencing the following problems: • The increased autonomy given to the café managers has resulted in a loss of control and inconsistency with regard to staff recruitment, staff training, product and physical appearance. • The business sector has seen the introduction of competition successfully using an updated French Bistro format. Younger customers have been attracted to this fresher approach leaving Lodge Bistro with an older customer base. • The economic environment is less benign than when your mother founded Lodge Bistro. • The change from a highly motivated visionary leader to a more consensual and informal style has resulted in the recruitment of more independent managers. This has affected the morale of the longer serving managers who resent the new approach and feel that the chain is losing its core market (b) The chosen concepts I have chosen concept 4.3, which lists Drennan’s (1992) 12 key factors that influence business culture. I have selected three factors, which will most identify the business weaknesses. The Influence of a Dominant Leader It was your mother’s vision and style, which created the chain in its present form. The systems and controls she introduced ensured a consistency and adherence to standards that was central to the formal style of business culture. The concept of leader dominance is useful because it will you to understand the problems arising from the change to a more informal management style. The Business Sector The Lodge Bistro

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