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Tma01 Part A Compare and Contrast the different ways the person centred and psychodynamic approaches to conselling understand and make use of the conselling relationship. This essay will outline the main beliefs and aims of the person-centred approch to conselling and the psychodynamic approach to conselling and also the similarities and differences between them and how they make use of the conselling relationship. The person centred approah to conselling is the main representation of a humanistic approach to conselling. It originated from Abraham Maslows hierachy of needs and its main develeper was Carl Rogers in the 1940’s but the approach became more popular and used more widely in the 1960’s. The central belief revolves around a set of six core conditions and the idea that each individual strives towards self actualisation, in other words, to be the best that they can be. In order to work towards this all the experiences that an individual has should be internalised congruently, without distortion, thus allowing an honest self concept to be developed. Having a true picture of themselves and their self-worth rids the person of the tensions that arise from denied and distorted views of the world and the consequent resultant dysfunctional actions and reactions to events. The person centred counsellor believes that each individual will best know how to deal with their life situation as only they have full knowledge of the complexities of their relationships and way of life. The practice places great emphasis on the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client allowing them to tell their story in a safe way. The therapist offers a warm, genuine and empathic setting using a non-judgemental and non-directive approach. By fully accepting the client’s story they are left in charge of their own information. Rogers (1957:95)
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