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Part 1 Question: Write Joyce Lodge a short informal report settling out some ideas that explains why she finds herself (and the business) in the present situation and what she might do to improve the situation The structure I have chosen from Book 1 is session 6 as the Bistro does provide an introduction to the different functions of business. All the concepts which is in this session Joyce uses. I have chosen session 6 structure because I think it’s the most relevant one as it includes all of these mentioned. * Human Resource Management : Human resource is one of the factors of the case study because Joyce knew how important it was to keep her business successful. * Marketing: * Accounting: Accounting is needed in most businesses and its obvious Joyce needed it and used it. * Finance: is also needed in most businesses where Joyce probably used daily like any other Business These concepts are very useful to the manager and probably helped Joyce a lot. To be honest without these concepts, the business wouldn’t be as successful as it is now. All of these concepts are very much needed. The concepts helps businesses such as Joyce’s Bistro plans for the future as without them she would of found herself struggling and getting behind on the paper work side of the business. It not only helped with keeping the Bistro on top and tidy it also without a doubt kept everything organised. Part a) Identify and explain any problem(s) at the lodge bistro chain from the case study that relates to the study session that you have chosen to focus on Joyce Lodge could have improved the situation by taking note of what her customers wanted, for example she was impressed by the style of old fashioned French bistros as the customers preferred the lively interior over the drab and somewhat dirty alternatives that dominated at the time. However she was very successful

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