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TMA 04 Development of self-categorisation and the locus of self-knowledge. Abstract The purpose of this investigation was to categorise the responses from the participants to the question who am I? There are 4 pre coded categories which are used from Rosenburg et al theory. The two participants were both female and were aged 8 years old and 16 years old. The children were asked to write down ten points to describe themselves, each statement begins with I. The interviewer then went through the answers, discussing them with the child getting them to explain each statement. The results show that the younger participant answered the question with mainly physical and character traits and the older participant answered with mostly inner qualities. Introduction It is believed that the development of a feeling of self is a gradual process and therefore believed that the development of being able to accurately describe yourself is gradual too. It is believed that there is a difference between a young child and a young adult’s description of self. Harter (1983) summarised studies that were conducted on children giving answers when they were asked to describe themselves. From this a guideline was devised which suggested that there were developmental stages that children will pass through when describing things about themselves that other people would see. Rosenburg conducted a study in Baltimore where he had a sample of children aged between 8 and 18. The study enabled Rosenburg to put the answers in categories and then looked further into the answers that were given as a result the replies were categorised into groups. The findings suggest that most of the younger children interviewed used physical activity and characteristics and the older children were likely to answer using their traits to describe themselves. Maccoby suggested that a sense of self develops in
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