Tma 02 Case Study

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TMA 02 Part 1 Part (a) Human Resources create a recruitment process so they find the best possible person for the job. The panel need to think not only about the qualities and inequalities of the person but also they need to think long term, will this person stay here and be the person we need? They need to know this due to staff turnover. They will ask themselves the following: If the weather turns bad, floods or snows, will this person be able to get in and do their job to keep the company running? If there car breaks down, are they able to get to work? How likely is it that this person will have a child? Do they have children, will they have to leave due to not being able to afford childcare? Do they have ambitions to be someone else?…show more content…
This is because you will have already met some of the staff and realised they are actually very friendly and you can familiarise yourself with your surroundings so you won’t get lost on your competency-based interview and risk look silly. The main advantages shown in the case study are: The day prepares the applicant for the competence-based interview. It will give him/her guidance on what qualities they are looking for by meeting the other staff that work there. T By doing a day’s work it will give the applicant the opportunity to know exactly what he/she would be doing and give him/her knowledge of what they expect in the workplace It gives the applicant a chance to show off their skills to other team members and managers By seeing the other applicants you will be able to measure up how your own skills compare to theirs, more qualities to state during the interview He/she will be able to hopefully make a few friends so that if successful their first day of work will not be so daunting and you will gain confidence The main disadvantages shown in the case study
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