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Analysis of Amino Acids by Paper Chromatography Introduction- Proteins may be thought of natural polymers of amino acids, as the composition of proteins is of amino acids. The technique known as paper chromatography is used to separate amino acids for analysis. In this technique small spots of amino acids are introduced to a piece of porous filter paper. The bottom of the paper is then placed in a small bath of an appropriate solvent. The solvent is allowed to rise up the paper. The various amino acids are attracted to the paper to different degrees due to their differences in polarity. Various amino acids travel at different rates. The location of the amino acids can be determined by spraying the paper with a 2% solution of Ninhydrin in ethanol. The Ninhydrin forms a purple complex with an amino acid which is readily identified. Materials- Solutions of amino acids used are - Amino acid mixture 'X' Aspartic Acid Leucine Proline Asparagine Phenylalanine Solvent (ammonia and propan-2-ol in the ratio 2:1) 2 % solution of Ninhydrin in ethanol Method- Setting up the apparatus 1. This section of the experiment is done in a fume cupboard as the solvent is dangerous. Safety glasses should also be worn. The solvent is poured into a chromatography jar to a depth that is enough for the chromatography paper end to be dipped into. A lid is placed over the jar and left in the fume cupboard. This gives time for the air in the jar to be saturated with the solvent of the vapour. 2. Before handling the chromatography paper, hands are washed. The chromatography paper mustn't be touched all over the place constantly because amino acids that is smeared on the hand may get transferred onto the paper. 3. The chromatography paper used must be of suitable dimensions to fit the jar. Measure 4cm from the end

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