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Good Afternoon, students and respected teachers of HNM, My name is and I am running for your ESC’s Minister of Finance. I know that you guys are most likely getting tired of listening to these speeches; however, I promise you that I will not bore you in my speech. So what do you expect from our minister of finance? * a person who can keep the school neat and clean? No!!!! * a person who can provide a better educational structure? No!!!!! * a person who can manage the school in a professional manner? No!!! * a person who can sing well, dance well or teach well? No!!! So what you expect? “A person who can arrange funds for all these activities”, who can play with the figures and utilize them in a way that the whole organization runs smoothly in an efficient manner for hundreds of years. I assure you that if you elect me your minister of finance, I will make best efforts that we always have a positive cash flow to support all activities in the school. Although, I am good in math and numbers, but adding or subtracting numbers doesn’t make you a successful minister of finance. I have ability to mange the numbers in an efficient manner. I have enthusiasm, and leadership skills, Furthermore, finance is my passion!!!! So what do you think? The decision is yours! Your vote will make the future. So please vote for me and for the golden future of this organization. Remember, If counting or managing money is your fear: vote for Harvir! Thank

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