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Social Classes In To Kill A Mocking Bird Social Classes are what keep society at a balance. Social classes are categorized by whatever profession a person has. An example of social classes is used in the novel To Kill A Mocking Bird. It is expressed through the characters and setting. The story takes place in the Deep South in a small town called Maycomb Alabama. In addition the most common social classes in To Kill A Mocking Bird revolve around four different families. The highest class of the four is the Finch family. They are a strong middle class family, run by Atticus Finch a single father working hard to raise his to children Jem and Scout. In To Kill A Mocking Bird the Finch’s are portrayed as the strongest family. For example when Atticus takes on the case of Tom Robinson, his children were criticized by other children and even some adults such as Bob Ewell and Ms. Dubose “Your father’s no better then the niggers and trash he works for”. (117) The Finches Always stood up to protect each other. For example when Cecil Jacobs “announced in the school yard… that Scout Finch’s daddy defended niggers”(85) Scout loses her temper and gets into a fist fight with Cecil, not wanting anyone to talk bad about her father. The second class in Maycomb County included the blue collar, white workers, and primarily farmers who struggled to make ends meet. The Cunningham’s are the hard working honest farm working family. This family is portrayed as the poor family who do not take handouts or loans, and pay back what they can. Mr. Cunpningham is a hardworking father who wants more and a better-educated life for his children especially for his youngest son Walter. The third class of Maycomb County are the Ewells they are displayed as the white trash or the lowest of low on the social class scale in Maycomb. The Ewell family is very disrespectful, for example whenever Bob Ewell

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