Tkam Poems Essay

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JemDaring, Fun, intelligent and innocentSon of AtticusLover of Ms. Caroline fisher, life and SchoolWho feels for air guns, mockingbirds and ScoutWho gives games, hobbies and playsWho fears Boo Radley Ms. Dubose andWho lives in May Comb County UsFinch | | Let justice be doneWhen prejudice strikes.In the heat of the southLet no lie impede.Let justice be doneAnd may the truth succeed. | | | | ScoutImpolite, Cautious, Caring, Curious,Daughter of Atticus Finch,Lover of reading, gum and Dill,Who feels like she's being watched and feels guilty when she disobeys Atticus,Who gives remarks, compliments and her care,Who fears Boo Radley, her family getting hurt and being scolded by Calpurnia,Who would like to see the movie Dracula, the person who is giving them the goodies and Nathan Radley not cementing they tree,Who lives in a little townsfolk city called Maycomb County,Finch | | Mysterious, Reclusive, Quiet, CleanMother of Nathan and Arthur RadleyLover of sweeping her front porch and staying indoorsWho feels nothingWho gives cleanliness to an otherwise dusty porchWho fears her sonWho would like to see nothing but a clean front porchWho lived in Maycomb County | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ScoutTomboy, brave, intelligent, lovingSister of JemLover of justice, chewing gum, reading, and Alabama summersWho feels outrage when her dad is maligned, happiness when school is over, and fright on a dark Halloween night?Who needs her dad's acceptance, Jem's loyalty, and Dill's admirationWho gives friendship easily, black eyes to cousins, and sassy words to CalpurniaWho fears Boo's dark house, owls in the night, and giving her open palms to the teacherWho would like to see all mockingbirds sing freely whether they are creatures of flight, shy neighbors, or kind handymenResident of Maycomb, AlabamaFinch | | Dill Harris: D - Dill doesn't

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