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Titration Lab Report

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1.To prepeare   a standard solution of oxalic acid
2.To standardise 0.2M NaOH solution
3.To determine the concentration of   HCl   solution
4.To acquire the correct   technique of titration

Titration is a technique used to determine the concentration of a solution using another solution with a known concentration.
Standard in basic titration:
One of the solution   involve   in a titration is used as standard solution .The standard solution can be classified as either primary or secondary.A primary standard solution   is prepared by dissolving an accurately weighed   pure solid of a known   molar mass in a known volume of distilled water.
A primary standard   is used to determine the molarity of the other standard solution,known   as secondary standard.For example,oxalic acid,H2C2O4,,and potassium hydrogen phthalate,KHC8H4O4,are two common primary standards used to determine the concentration of bases (secondary standard).
Solution of NaOH and HCL used in titration need to be standardised because they contain impurities.Solid NaOH is hygroscopic(it absorbe moisture). Thus, it is difficult to obtain its accurate mass.The standardised based can then be used to determine the concentration of other acids.
Equivalance point and end point
An equivalent point is the point at which exact reaction accurs between the two reagent according to the stachiometry.To detect this equivalence point,an indicator   which produces a change in colour is often used.the point at which indicator change colour is called the end point.The end point and equivalence point should ideally be the same.
Chemical equation:
In this acid –base titration,the neutralisation   reaction involve are:
H2C2O4(aq)+2NaOH(aq) Na2C2O4(aq)+2H2O(l)….(1)
      HCL(aq)+NaOH(aq)   NaCL(aq)+H2O(l)   ….(2)
(A)Preparation of standard solution
1. Mass of,3.25 g of   hydrated...

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