Titration Essay

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Essay Assessment When writing anything you need to assess the criteria. Who is reading it? What do they want to know? Make sure that you plan around the criteria It should never be “write what you want to write” – it is always “write what the reader wants”. Marks are never just invented they are always drawn from marking criteria. Marking Criteria |Factual Correctness |Mark |Technical Level |Mark | |The content was factually correct and contained all |8 |The article was at a suitable technical level. |8 | |possible discussion of the topic | | | | |The article was selective in its coverage |6 |Strayed significantly from the brief. |6 | |The article contained some interesting information but |4 |Too complex/ banal |2 | |was poor in its coverage | | | | |The article was factually incorrect. |2 | | | |Interest | |Grammatical Correctness | | |I was interested by what was written and learnt a lot |8 |Perfik Englisch! |8 | |of new information | | | | |I was interested by what was written but knew most of |6 |Some typos

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