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Title VII Paper Discrimination was at the forefront of everyone’s mind during the 60s and 70s and many people believe that it has been eliminated it all together, but discrimination is still alive and thriving in our lives as well as the workplace. There are many forms of harassment from sexual harassment to harassment based on religion, race, or ethical beliefs. These are all seen in the workplace environment and there is no place for this no matter the circumstance. In the following paper we discuss Title VII and how it protects many employees in the workplace. We will discuss the evolution of Title VII and how it came to be and ways that employees can recognize harassment and make sure that the problem gets solved. First we must look at the origin of Title VII. History and Evolution of Title VII Title VII was first passed as a law in 1964; it prohibited employment discrimination no matter the situation. Since it was established it sparked an increase in anti-discrimination laws designed to promote equal opportunity in the workplace. Title VII is just a small part of a much larger anti-discrimination act. It is a part of The Civil Rights Acts established to help protect African Americans during the years of discrimination towards people of another race. These Titles have been established to protect all employees in the workplace and allow everyone to have an equal opportunity. The evolution of Title VII allows individuals who recognize a form of discrimination to show the EEOC what problems are apparent. The employee can then present a case and file a complaint with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and progress toward a possible case against their employer. The EEOC will take the case that the employee has present to the courts and show the forms of discrimination that have been taking place. Application of Title VII and Amendments in

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