Titanic Unsinkable?

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The wreck of the Titanic has been found, 560 miles off the coast of Newfoundland and in 13,000 feet of water. It seems incredible that anyone could believe that a 46,000 ton piece of steel could be unsinkable, but that’s exactly what the people in 1912 did. No ship that big would be really ‘unsinkable’ but more like ‘less chance of sinking than a standard ship.’ The Titanic had to face an Iceberg strike due to the captain’s stubbornness. Titanic had been warned 7 times about the iceberg but the captain kept going and eventually stroke the iceberg, making the Titanic sink taking the captain’s life and the life of 1,517 others. The Titanic had been warned enough times and the captain is responsible for the deaths. The captain, Edward John Smith, made a wrong decision and resulted in a disaster. Ever since the Titanic sank the disaster has fascinated people; they've sent expeditions down to explore the wreck, they've written books, they've made documentaries, movies, and money out of all this. The shipbuilders Harland and Wolff insist that the Titanic was never advertised as an unsinkable ship. They claim that the 'unsinkable' myth was the result of people's interpretations of articles in magazines and newspapers. But it really was the considered opinion of experts at the time, experts thought the ship was ‘nearly unsinkable’ but the people ignored ‘nearly’ and amazed themselves at the marvels of the Titanic’s
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