Titanic Letter

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Titanic Letter April 12th, 1912 Dear Sister, I had just survived the worse disaster of my life. I remembered when the steward knocked on the doors and shouted “Get dress and put on your life vessels and head to the lifeboat decks!!” I asked what was going on. He said don’t tell anyone and whispered “The ship is going to sink.” So I quickly got dressed and headed to the lifeboat decks. I was in a hurry I forgot to put on my life vessel. I had remembered the captain ordered women, children, and first class passengers to get in the lifeboats first. The band played music to keep everyone calm. The crew put me into lifeboat #11. I stepped into the lifeboat, and then it was lowered. As the lifeboat started to row away from the sinking ship, it started to snap in half. The stern fell down and hit the water then rose up again and started to sink. There was no more Titanic. It was cold outside as we waited for rescue to come. It was 29 degress outside. I thought I wasn’t going to survive for another second. The 5 hours later the Carpathia came to the rescue. The Carpathia crew treated with care. They gave us hot chocolate, warm blankets, and treated us for frostbites. I finally saw the Statue of Liberty. And I was finally in New York City. When passengers got off the ship news reporters came and asked questions and taking pictures. One of them asked “Did you actually see the Titanic sinking?” And another asked “Why did the captain ignored the iceberg warnings?” From that moment I made a promise that I will never go on another ship ever again. From, Master John
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