Titanic, How Did James Cameron Portray Social Class ?

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“Unsinkable!” 'Titanic' was produced in 1997, 85 years after the disaster struck. It starred Kate Winslett (Rose DeWitt Bukater), Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack Dawson) And Billy Zane (Cal Hokley) as the main characters. The film is about a love triangle between the three main characters. I'm not going to tell you about the sunken ship it's self, I'm going to explain the social class in the Edwardian period. Titanic' was built in Belfast, Ireland and was owned by the White Star Line. It was made by a team lead by Thomas Andrews, who also made 'Titanic' sister ships the Olympic' and 'Britannic' It was the biggest man-made passenger steamship of it's time. The ship began it's maiden voyage from Southampton, England on the 10th April and was set to arrive at New York, America. The 'Titanic' was big enough to fit 32 lifeboats. They cut down on 12 so that it would enable 1st class passengers more space to roam about freely. There were two sizes of life boats, 1 size to fit 40 people and the other to fit 70. The lifeboats weren't even half filled as they didn't want the 1st class passengers to mingle with the lower classed passengers or to feel uncomfortable, The lower class people were locked in there deck so that they couldn't get out and onto the lifeboats to cause less of a rush and so that it was easier and calmer for the 1st class people. Many of the lifeboats weren't even half full. Many of the upper class men tried to bribe the ship's crew with large sum's of money to allow them on the lifeboats as the policy was 1st class women and 1st class children on 1st. “Is there a seating plan on the lifeboats ?” Ruth DeWitt Bukater The snobbery of the upper class, still even though lives would have been lost. Two out of the seven-teen lifeboats returned to the site of the partly sunken ship, to search for survivors, nine people were rescued, six later on

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