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DISCUSSION If we carefully analyze the results, we are going to see that the female gender dominates; that is the reason why the number of female students who will attend university is higher than the number of male students. From 206 females surveyed, 193 of them will continue their studying, and only 13 will not. Concerning the 144 males surveyed, 126 have decided to study after finishing high school, and 18 will not. Based on nationalities, we surveyed: * 207 Albanian students, 185 of them will go to university and 22 will not. * 105 Macedonian students, 100 of them will go to university, and 5 will not. * 34 Turkish students, 30 of them will go to university and 4 will not. * 4 Roms and they all will go to university. The reasons for not going to university are of different natures. 35,48% students chose marriage instead of schooling. As we discussed why did they make that choice, we found out that creating a family was way more important than expanding the knowledge furthermore. They wouldn’t do both of them in the same time, because they think they don’t have enough time. Second reason is of course the economic status of their families. 19,35% of students cannot afford to go to university and to buy the supplies needed. Instead, they chose to work for their existence. Since Macedonia is not a very developed country and it’s very hard to find a job, 9,68% of students decided to emigrate. According to them, they can earn much more working in other countries with higher economic status. 35,48% of students answered that they wouldn’t like to go to university. 0% of the students answered that they don’t have permission from their parents. When analyzing the different professions students have chosen, we found out that the Faculty of Law is the most favorite one, with 16,30%. The second on the list is the Faculty of Economy with 10,66%,

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