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Titanic Essay

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  • on May 20, 2014
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As builders of the newest, largest ship in the world, the White Star Line’s Titanic had to
live up to much hype when passengers boarded her for the first time. Although appropriate
safety standards were suggested for Titanic, officials of the White Star Line were more
concerned with building a glamorous ship and made that their priority. Once the maiden voyage
was scheduled, people were excited about the grand ship and eager to their set sail for
America. No one could have imagined the doom that would greet them days into their journey,
nor could it be fathomed that the greatest ship of its time would sink. Had more lifeboats been
added to the Titanic boat decks, the ship still would have succeeded in being the most fantastic
cruise ship on the seas and many more lives could have been saved.
More than being a vessel of transport, Titanic was marketed as being the ultimate in
luxury travel. Passengers buying a first class ticket were assured that they would “have little
sense of being on a ship—rather one [would feel] embraced in a bejeweled, floating palace”
(Denenberg 17). The parlors had to be posh, the food, delicious and all of the stewards were
expected to be courteous and efficient. People chose Titanic not just for passage to North
America but for the experience of a lifetime. They wanted to be spoiled, treated to extravagance
and to be able to say that they had sailed on the Titanic. The advertising worked and several
millionaires purchased first-class tickets for this epic voyage and they were not
disappointed. Titanic was outfitted with several lavish details to make the dining experience as
memorable and unique as possible. Titanic was also equipped with 116 first-class stewards who
could cater to first-class passengers’ every need (Denenberg 23). They even had a Hebrew cook
(Denenberg 23), which meant that in addition to the sumptuous food already available on the ship, food prepared according to the Jewish...

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