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“Like Water for Chocolate,” by Laura Esquivel, demonstrates that each family goes through trials and tribulations through the traditional roles each member of the family plays. This novel expresses the life, struggles, and the ups and downs for a Mexican family. She explains much disappointment brought upon each family member, most typically from an untraditional daughter, Gertrudis. A young daughter that has a strong will to be not like the typical Mexican girls that follow the shadow of her husband. Three main points that Esquivel touches base upon deal with the part women play in the Revolutionary War, a Mexican marriage, and life from an untraditional child all from a woman. Like Water for Chocolate expresses the dependency of the role of women in traditional Hispanic families through areas of the Revolutionary War, how women were treated, thought to become, and general expectations of a woman who derailed from the traditional role of women. Mexican women were vital to the Revolutionary War in various ways. Tita’s sister, Gertrudis’, involvement in the Revolution was not of a typical role that traditional Mexican women contribute their actions. Her family was very strict and traditional and their sole purpose is to marry, bare children, homemaker, and take care of the parents. In this case, Gertrudis went against her tradition and chose to be her own person despite of disobeying her mother’s wishes. In the story, “Gertrudiswas a general in the Revolutionary War” (178). Women in the Revolution were involved in politics, were strong advocates for the causes they believed in, and participated on the battlefields. The female political figures were probably the most important and influential women in the Mexican Revolution. Women like Gertrudis were prominent political activists, thinkers, writers, figures, role models,

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