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Tissues Essay

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Epithelial tissue
            The epithelial tissue covers the surface of the body and the cells are closely packed and put in to one or more layers. The epithelial tissue is there to cover up or line up the internal and external body surfaces. The tissue is usually separated from the underlying tissue by a thin sheet of connective tissue which is basically the basement membrane.
The membrane provides some support for the epithelium and it also brings it together in to neighbouring structures. Epithelial tissue can be divided in to two groups depending on the number of layers of which it is composes. Epithelial tissue is on one thick cell which is known as simple epithelium. If it is two or more cells thicker such as skin and it is known as stratified epithelium. Simple epithelium can be subdivided according to the shape and function of the cells it contains. Stratified epithelium is when the body linings have to go and with stand wearing or tearing then the epithelia can be changed into several layers of cells and then they are called the compound or even stratified epithelium


Connective tissue
  * The function of the connective tissue is to support the body and bring or connect together all the other types of tissues. Finally, connective tissue gives many organs their shape and holds them in place in their respective body cavities. It does so by forming sacs that contain the organs and attach to nearby structures so that they do not simply float about freely. The connective tissue also helps the skeleton move in locomotion. It also gives reinforcement to joints, strengthening and supporting the articulations between bones. Another function of connective tissue is the transport of nutrients and metabolic by-products between the bloodstream and the tissues to which it adheres.
  * Another function of connective tissue is to encapsulate structures like...

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