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Tissue Types Essay

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Compare and contrast the functions of each tissue type. Why do some areas of our body have stratified squamous epithelium and other areas have simple squamous epithelium?
Epithelial tissues - It protects us, and it absorbs with the stomach and intestinal lining
Connective tissues - Support, surround, connect other tissues, Protect organs, Transport fluids and dissolved materials
Muscle tissues - Responsible for body movement, Moves blood, and food waste through body’s organs, Responsible for digestion. There are three types smooth, skeletal and cardiac muscle tissues.
Nervous tissues - Conducts impulses organs from neurons.
Simple squamous epithelium cells are made up of a single layer of epithelial cells. They are the point of contact for the epithelial tissue with the base membrane. They can be located in areas that face rapid diffusion and where little activity happens. Stratified epithelial cells consist of two or more layers of epithelial cells. They are found found in areas where most of the wear and tear of the body takes place.
Our body contains four different membranes (physical barriers), each with a specific function.     Understanding their different roles and functions, please describe what you think would happen to the body if each was damaged?
If each membrane is damaged, the epithelium would not be able to be held up.
Tattoos are fairly common among individuals. With your knowledge of the integument; please explain why tattoos are permanent? How are Henna tattoos different from “traditional” tattoos?
With permanent tattoos cells in the dermis are not regularly shed and replaced as they are in epidermis. Henna tattoos are temporary and can last 2 to 3 weeks.
There are three different types of skin cancer. Compare and contrast each type using the following criteria: cell affected, prevalence (how common), and most deadly.
Melanoma- This cancer generally develops in the moles on the skin and then spreads very quickly to the rest of the...

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