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Guideline: Tips to be a good learner [pic] “Oh that Maths’ incomprehensible formulae, that tough Urdu poetry, those tireless questions … Parha nahi mein ne pura saal, ab kya hoga mera haal.” These are the usual words we hear from students especially before exams. The exam stress through which everyone passes at some stage in his/her life is horrendous! Therefore, in order to lower down your anxiety level, I have brought some useful tips for you. These guidelines will surely improve your lifestyle and help you study for exams in a more effective way. Take a nap The foremost or basic tip is the one you just read. You should take a nap daily after you have come back from school because after studying for about six hours in school, your mind gets tired and needs to be relaxed. Freshness means everything. If you are fresh, you can learn more quickly and your mind would be able to pick and store the facts easily. Ask the position holders in your class! Do they sleep in the afternoon? I am sure the answer will be YES! Don’t study late at night Avoid the habit of studying till late night. As you have taken an afternoon nap, this doesn’t mean that you are supposed to study till 2’O clock at night! This study pattern won’t help you rather destroy your health. The facts that you memorise during late night hours would be vanished from your memory soon after you wake up in the morning. Try to wind up your study till 10’O clock. Make your timetable such that you allocate at least two hours daily for all subjects. This way you would not need to study for whole nights before the BIG DAY. Be confident, not overconfident Learn the difference between being confident and being over confident. Being confident is of course, necessary to achieve success in life but over confidence is the biggest enemy of a person. Don’t ever think like this: “I have studied

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