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Tips for Job Interview Essay

  • Submitted by: Abdulahicavani
  • on November 22, 2014
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The objective of the 3rd task of the second assignment is to ‘discuss potential barriers to effective communication’. This means that I have to explain what may effect someone who is giving a lectures/speech. Once that is done; I will explain how to overcome the and prevent this distractions from happening. I will also say how these barriers effect the interviewer and the interviewee.

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Cultural difference – If you go to your job interview and greet your   interviewer with “how’s life mate” that might be absolutely fine or it could offend your interviewer which gives him/her a bad impression of you. So instead of risking such a thing you need to know the culture difference between you and your interviewer.

Effect on interviewer: The interviewer will get a bad impression of the interviewee which might decrease the chance of the interviewee of getting the job.

Effect on interviewee: The interviewee may read the impression of the interviewers face (if offended); which may decrease the confidence of the interviewee.

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This could be anything ranging from your name, to your proof of address ,CV, Contact information, your school grades etc. If you do not bring some sort of information about yourself; this will show the interviewer that you didn’t prepare for the interview; which may also show a lack of interest resulting in you decreasing the chance of getting the job.

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Most people that ask themselves most common questions then answer them before the interview are more likely to be successful than the people who don’t; so you need to make sure you ask yourself a range of questions that you are very likely to be asked in your interview; doing this will enable you to answer the question without any pressure when it comes; and the interviewer will not have doubts about you telling the truth, because if you take time answering a simple question like “tell me about yourself”; then they will surely have doubts about you....

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