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When I go out to eat with family, we like to have a good time and just enjoyed ourselves without any difficulties. We expect our service to be good, maybe not to the greatest if it’s a busy day, but we do make sure to give a good tip based on his or her performance. Many people do not understand that a tip can mean a lot to someone, but they really would not understand until they’re in their shoes. Many servers live off tips and that basically is their yearly income, so I strongly support the idea of mandatory tipping. Many people go out to eat and take advantage of a lot of things when out at a restaurant. For example, a family might come in on a busy day, but they think they’re the only ones in the restaurant and should be taken care of at all times. Yes, they should, but to a certain degree I believe. When coming in on a busy day, you shouldn’t expect the server to be tentative to you at all times, he or she do have other tables they are occupying. Also, another major issue is when people are constantly asking for things, such as taking advantage of refills. It’s the servers’ job to be aware of the tables’ needs, but when running him or she back and forth for little things can begin to start getting frustrating. In addition, many people think if there is bad service then there should also be no tip left for the server. I do agree on that, but to a certain degree, because the server did at least do some kind of service. He or she did get your food, so maybe not a large tip of the 10%-15% expected, but at least something to show for it that their service was appreciated at least. Not leaving anything is very low, and it also gets me upset when I see that people sometimes just come to a restaurant to start arguments, or is upset about something and take it out on the server and give them a hard time. Usually that dollar can make a big difference in that person

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